Custom Xero Software Development

We don't offer an "off-the-shelf" integration for Xero - rather we work with you to design and develop an integration that suits your requirements. That's why we're a Xero developer.

Our core competency is custom software development: your business is unique, your workflows are unique - and we work with you to help facilitate that. If you're using custom software for your business and would like to integrate Xero into that workflow: contact us.

Custom Xero Integrations
DCODE GROUP - Xero Partner

Case Study

A leading environmental agency in Australia was looking for a better way to manage pre-approved soil deposits at their sites. Clients deposited material at designated sites for which they were charged a "tipping fee" - the agency was looking for a way to track these deposits; charge the client; and synchronise their transactions with Xero. DCODE GROUP helped to develop a custom solution for managing their workflows and then integrated the transactions with their Xero accounts.

As part of this engagement, we developed a bespoke process management system and then integrated the transactions to Xero - for easy billing and payment management. In this situation, each site was using a separate Xero account; so we needed the smarts to ensure that transactions were allocated acrosss multiple Xero accounts.

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