What We Do

We build websites & web-based software - allowing you to use technology to improve the efficiency of your business.

DCODE GROUP builds websites and custom software that allows you to systemise your business processes. By doing so, your business can scale best practice to result in more efficient outcomes - allowing you to do more with less.

We are a team of business & IT consultants and software developers working together to help make technology simple for business. We work with you to understand your requirements; interpret the best outcomes and then design and build websites, web applications and custom cloud-based business software to deliver tailored solutions for you.

Technology can be a great enabler to help facilitate and manage business processes, but sometimes it can also be daunting and difficult. That's where we come in. We’re a small but experienced company, and that’s one of our strengths. It means we can work with you far more closely regardless of whether you’re an individual, a small business, a large corporate entity or anything in between to offer specific business, analytical and technical know how.

Utilising a variety of technologies we can deliver the above solutions to be tailored to your specific business requirements because two businesses can be similar, but no two businesses are the same.

What Does "DCODE" Mean?

We derived the company name from the concatenated version of: decode - meaning:

convert (a coded message) into intelligible language

As a "translator" for technology, we feel that this is a good fit for our business name; we see ourselves as the interpreters for technology in business.

Who Are We?

We're not your standard IT company ... because despite having a technology focus, we've all got business backgrounds. In fact, our team qualifications include, Information Systems, Commerce, Business Brokerage and Real Estate.

This means that not only do we understand technology, we also understand a wide range of industries and how technology can be used in those industries. And as a client of DCODE, this experience can be used to benefit you and your business outcomes.

Our specialty

We "systematize" business processes using technology. In plain-text - we look to identify re-curring processes in your business; define those processes; and then use technology to help you replicate, deliver and manage those processes.

In some instances, we can use off-the-shelf software. While in others, we can design and build custom software that meets your specific requirements.