Accept credit cards seamlessly from within your own system

Stripe is a payment gateway that provides a simply way to accept credit card payments. At DCODE GROUP, we've been a long time user of Stripe and can easily integrate it into your systems.

Key advantages of Stripe are the ability to accept payments from within your system; the ability to be up and running immediately; and the security provisions Stripe provides.

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Accept Subscription Payments

One of the best features of Stripe is its ability to handle on-going subscriptions. Accept sign-ups to subscription-based services; and Stripe will handle the storage of payment sources as well as the re-curring billing.

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Now able to process WeChat, Alipay and other payment sources

With Stripe, we can process payments not just from Credit Cards; but also from WeChat, Alipay and other sources. This is a great way to extend your payment options for your customers.

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