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Squarespace provides a powerful platform to add and present your content online. It comes with an array of tools and resources, designed to help make managing a website a breeze. However you can't always get Squarespace to behave the way you want it to - and that's how we can help.

DCODE GROUP are Squarespace Specialists with extensive experience in customising, optimising and extending Squarespace websites. We know what Squarespace can do; and how we can extend its features to ensure that your Squarespace website works the way you need it to work.

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Designed, Developed and Delivered from Melbourne, Australia

We're a tight knit group of developers working from the same office in Australia - delivering high quality Squarespace customisations for Australian-clients and beyond. Our background is in custom-software developers - so we know how to get the most out of the Developer Mode in Squarespace to customise the site in a way that still allows you to manage content through Squarespace itself.

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We're not just in tech; and that's what gives us the edge

While our business is software; our backgrounds are diverse - with qualified analysts, accountants and real estate agents in the team. Its this experience that allows us to look beyond the technology to identify the underlying systems and processes that we need to implement to make your software work.

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