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Defect Management Solution

Defex was developed to be a simple, yet powerful, cloud-based defect and task management software. Our software allows you to annotate plans, allocate tasks and manage these tasks through to completion. We started Defex to explore the requirements of a customer - but after interest from other DCODE GROUP clients, we launched it as its own Software as a Service (SAAS) solution.

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"How can we better explain the location of a Defect or Issue?"

When working with a client on an Inspection Tool, we came across the problem of explaining the exact location of a Defect or Issue being reported.  On review, we found a number of solutions available - but most were off-shore solutions and many were cost prohibitive.  So we decided to find a better way of recording Defects or Issues in a way that made them easy to find by other users and/or on subsequent inspections.


Annotate a Floor Plan with the Position of the Defect or Issue - and ensure the position remains consistent on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile

Following the ideas of what we had seen, we set about developing a solution that would allow a user to annotate floor plans with a marker - thereby simplifying the way we could explain the location of a Defect or Issue to a user.  Our point of difference was to create a solution that would operate on all devices - without the need to install an App.

As an extension to this process, we then divided the software into teams and projects - allowing the solution to be used in real-life scenarios.  We then created a task board - that allowed tasks to be tracked from reporting through to completion.


A simple, yet comprehensive cloud-based task management software to help you manage tasks, defects and improvements on plans; and then track them to completion.

We now have a number of clients using Defex to help them manage inspections/hand-overs for their projects.  Many already have larger Defect Solutions as part of their software packages - however Defex provides a better way to record, review and manage tasks in their business.  We continue to work with clients on these solutions and are looking for more businesses to try our tool!

As a result of this development, we have gained a significant insight into developing SAAS solutions as well as mapping/annotation tools - both of which can now be value add to your next project.

What We Built

A simple to use task management software, offering the functions and features required for larger projects.

We developed a software solution that operates on all devices, allows you to annotate floor plans and track tasks from reporting to completion and approval - a full workflow management solution for building and construction projects (big or small).

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Improved, real-time reporting


User access through the one platform - by team, project, internal or external contractor


Track tasks from start to finish - through their stages of completion


Assign tasks to users


Export tasks by Excel and PDF - to ensure those not on the system can be up to date with tasks


Accessible via mobile, tablet or computer - anytime, anywhere


Annotate plans - to easily see where Defects or Issues are located