Why Web-Maintenance Is Your Responsibility!

  1. Maintaining your online presence is required for anyone with a website.

 Websites are the virtual image of your business - it’s what you look like online.

Yes, websites have expiration dates too, especially if neglected - technology is constantly evolving, so regular web maintenance is a way to combat any loopholes that may leave you to outdated software, problems such as misconfiguration issues, outdated plugins, themes, and CMS. 

      2. "So, what is web maintenance?"

Like building good habits, web maintenance ensures the longevity of your [online] presence. It comes down to 3 main elements:

     3. "When should I maintain my website?"

The internet is ever-changing; algorithms, keyword rankings and trends are constantly changing. Keeping informed with the current flow of content and updates regarding your website host as well as your branding is important. The question of when is just as important as the question of how often. On average, it is advised to carry our regular checks twice a month, and gradually, if possible, on a weekly basis. 

     4. "How can I manage my website?"

The first impression is often the last impression; with the amount of competition clustered online, it is important to stand out- but don't let your message get lost in impracticality. To put into perspective, what are the elements that make click on or stay on a webpage? Here's what you should be looking out for:




     5. Benefits of regular web maintenance 

     6. Some last notes.

Automated paid updated services are an option but can disrupt your current feed. A customised system can be built to cater to your current feed without disrupting the system.

Invest in a solution that will sustain the longevity of your website. 


If you're looking to switch your domain or host your own website, DCODE GROUP has extensive experience with web building and web integration. Shoot us a message or have a read of our client case studies for insights on how we operate. 

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