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We developed our own Project Management Tool

Custom Software Development

Our desks may be different to the office; but using online tools our team has been able to remain connected while working from home. One of the tools we use is our in-house Project Management software - Kanopi.

We couldn't find a platform that worked the way we wanted to work - so we developed our own (just like we would for a client looking for custom software!). Key features of Kanopi include:

  • Lead Management;
  • Project Status Management - with Stages, Milestones and Budgets;
  • Task Management - integrating with our live monitoring platforms; and
  • Timesheets (with a flag for billed/un-billed hours).

... and of course, reporting!

Working on our own Project Management system has also been invaluable to our team - providing an insight into what works and doesn't in Project Management solutions.

We'll keep you up to date on the latest updates with Kanopi - stay tuned for more updates!

Written by

Andrew Sirianni

Andrew founded DCODE GROUP with the goal to develop custom software solutions...