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Are You Having Problems Managing Paperwork in Your Business?

More about Defex

In late 2015, a client approached us with a custom software request for an inspection-based management system. They wanted to implement an issue-management system that annotated site plans/drawings. There was a lot of solutions available in the industry, but they were all mostly too costly and often too complex. Hence, they wanted a custom solution

When analysing their requirements, we developed a mapping annotation tool to test our approach. The client was wrapt!  But so were a number of other clients in the building/construction industry, and so Defex came to life.

Defex allows you to use your own floor plans to pin-point specifically where a defect is. You can include your whole team and allocate tasks to specific team members. Using the workflow boards, you can see an overview of all the defects in your project and drag ‘n’ drop across their various stages of completion.

Defex is not priced per user. Defex is priced per project with unlimited users. Pricing starts at $50 for 5 Projects

If you're interested in becoming a Defex tester, head over here to sign up to Defex and we'll be in touch

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Andrew Sirianni

Andrew founded DCODE GROUP with the goal to develop custom software solutions...